False arrival apparition

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False arrival apparition

Postby TOPGUN » Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:06 am

From: http://www.helium.com/items/2327640-wha ... apparition

What is a false arrival apparition?

The false arrival apparition is the experience of sensing, be it by sight, smell, sound or a combination of the three, of someone before they actually arrive. It can occur less than an hour or many hours before the person actually appears. There was some research done at the University of Oslo where it was speculated to be an evolved form of communication between people in rural areas.

The Norwegian word for the phenomenon is vardogr and is a variation of a doppelganger (a spirit version of a living person). David Leiter has done some research on the subject and relates, while there is little written about the subject in English, the Norwegians have an established word to describe the occurrence.

Mr. Leiter became interested in the phenomenon when he experienced it twice himself. The first was in the 1970s, when he was a research and development mechanical engineer and also a licensed professional engineer living with his wife and two teenaged children in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He was driving home on a freeway he frequently travelled and lapsed into a type of daydreaming or road hypnosis. He found himself thinking about home and enjoying the evening.

Upon his arrival home he found his wife to be quite surprised at his entrance. She told him that he’d already arrived. He found himself getting irritated since he’d been on the freeway and could not have been home. However, his son confirmed that he’d heard his father enter the house and walk upstairs. This spurred a search of the dwelling for the intruder, which proved fruitless.

During later conversation, his wife related that he’d come home and given her a blank look before proceeding upstairs. This behavior was unlike him, as he’d normally have greeted her before going about his business. She’d assumed he’d experienced a bad day at work and was out of sorts.

Mr. Leiter related the experience to those close to him and did some research on the subject. He was unable, in those pre-Internet days, to find documentation of a similar account until a co-worker brought in an article his mother had clipped from a tabloid newspaper. The article claimed that the experience was quite common among people of Norwegian descent and less so among those of Scottish ancestry. Mr. Leiter was somewhat relieved to find some reference to the subject. However, to his knowledge, there was no Norwegian or Scottish ancestry in his family.

His second experience with the false arrival apparition phenomenon occurred over ten years later. He had taken the day off work to attend a memorial service for his aunt. Her death was expected, as she’d been unresponsive in a nursing home, and the family was grateful her suffering was over. Mr. Leiter explains that his wife pointed out to him that ,even though he’s off work he had to drive on the same road he daily travels. They were on their way to the service, and he found himself lapsing into daydreaming as he thought about his job.

The next day his co-worker (they’ve worked together a long time) pulled him aside and asked what he was doing in the parking lot the day before. During the conversation, Mr. Leiter’s friend relates having seen him through the office window. It struck him as strange as he knew he’d planned to take the day off. His friend also noted that he was dressed in a formal suit. The normal office attire was somewhat less formal. When his co-worker went to look, he noticed Mr. Leiter’s car was not in his assigned spot.

The two incidents have some things in common. His double was seen by people he knew well, it disappeared after walking out of view and he was driving over a very familiar road at the time his twin was spotted. Somehow in his altered state (road hypnosis), when he was thinking about a specific place, his image or thoughts were relayed to those close to him as a physical manifestation.

It is interesting that some research has been done with pets on the subject. Oftentimes a dog will grow excited or go to the door at the same time its owner prepares to leave for home or is thinking about doing so. Animals, dogs in particular, have often been credited with heightened psychic awareness.

The little research done on the phenomenon does indicate that there is the potential to communicate on another level with another person. Altered states of consciousness, such as road hypnosis or the gray area between sleep and wakefulness, may somehow be capable of producing an energy which is read by another human or an animal.
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